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Delta Protekt VH

An inorganic, mainly water-based sealing product

Delta Protekt VH

Delta Protekt VH® is an inorganic, mainly water-based sealing product, for applying on Delta Protekt ®KL-100/ KL-120.
This product is free of heavy metals such as Cr thus helping to preserve the environment.
Its main characteristic is the reduction of friction coefficients.
Contains cathodic anticorrosion properties.
Transparent sealing with antifriction additives.
The VH numerology is for the friction coefficient.
Delta Protekt VH should be used according to the friction coefficient required by the customer.


  • Coating with excellent properties against friction.
  • The thickness per coat ranges from 1 to 3μ.
  • Stands up to chemical products, organic solvents, motor oils, antifreeze, brake liquids, etc.
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 250ºC.
  • Allows multiple screwing and unscrewing operations.
  • The product is colourless, thus letting the original colour of the part come through.
  • Reduction of white rust (zinc oxide).
  • Heavy metal-free product not including any RoHS 2002/95/ EC: Cr6+,Pb,Cd or Hg, environmentally friendly.
  • Complies with REACH requirements.

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