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Founded in 1986, Torres Gumà S.L. is a company with vast sector experience as a provider of organic surface treatment coatings for metal pieces of all kinds.

As a group of people, our mission is to serve our customers by supplying surface coatings on metal parts. We make our customers’ needs the number one goal of our work. Hence, daily improvement and respect for the environment, and overseeing everyone’s health and safety are just a few of the tasks that we have set for ourselves as a system to advance within our sector. We look forward to working each day with increasingly more people who are interested in joining forces with us. Our vast experience is a guarantee of our ability to develop the finest processes and work systems.
Given our capacity to create our very own processes, which we have developed ourselves, we can offer total solutions for any type of piece and for any type of need. Our engineering department can design the most appropriate systems for you, and our human team will give you personalised service and ensure you the delivery date that you need.

Our company facilities include a chemical and metallographic laboratory equipped with everything necessary to carry out tests relating to the process, such as controlling thickness.
We offer a wide range of treatments, including shot peening, degreasing, phosphate treatments, drum treatments, and bulk dip and spin organic/inorganic treatments.

All of these treatments are designed to protect the metal piece and prevent corrosion, while giving each piece a uniform finish and ensuring its resistance to friction in final assembly, for sectors such as the automotive industry, home appliances, construction, etc.

Torres Gumà

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