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Integrated policy declaration

In an increasingly global and changing environment, the Directorate of TORRES GUMÀ, S.L. wants to make clear its commitment to provide, by applying coatings to metal parts for the industry in general and the automotive industry in particular, an alternative that meets your needs, requirements and expectations, as well as those of other stakeholders in our activity .     This commitment is based on:
  1. • A market strategy that allows the sustained success of our organization through the application of our knowledge in the development of solutions for our clients, in a framework of respect and ethical behavior with our competence and the environment.
  3. • A management system focused on the client and based on processes for which their risks are analyzed, indicators are defined, objectives are established and the necessary resources are provided for their achievement.
  5. • The obligation to meet the requirements of our customers and the laws and regulations applicable to our activity.
  7. • Design an internal communication and management environment that allows the results to be reviewed periodically and, as a result of their analysis, promote the changes necessary to optimize and continuously improve it.
  9. • Establish communication links with our environment to face the social responsibility that we acquire with the exercise of our activity, trying to make it part of our success.
  11. • Involve all members of our organization and our suppliers of this Quality Policy, verifying that it has been understood in a way that is applied, respected and also transmitted to all interested parties.

To this end, as a strategic decision, we work according to the IATF 16949 quality management system referential. Quality management system requirements for automotive parts and spare parts organizations REQUIREMENTS, which guarantees our clients an adequate management environment for the fulfillment of our commitment with them and with our environment.

Mr. Joan Torres Gumà


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