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Integrated policy declaration

TORRES GUMÀ, S.L. dedicates its business activity to the surface treatment of metal parts.
In order to continuously promote and improve working conditions, the quality of products and processes, customer satisfaction and guarantee respect for the environment in sustainable development, the Management declares the following basic principles of its policy:

  1. • Achieving full customer satisfaction, committing to society, the environment and the health of our workers, complying with the legal and regulatory framework established in each case.

  2. • Assume the need for continuous improvement in our Integrated Management System in the quality of our products and services, our processes, our working conditions and the environmental impact of our operations.

  3. • People are the most important value that guarantees our future, therefore, they will be qualified and identified with the objectives of our organization and their opinions will be considered.

  4. • The implementation of this policy by communicating it to all company personnel who work on its behalf, to the contractors who work at our facilities and the provision to the public of said policy.

  5. • The establishment and review of the objectives and goals, through the annual review process in charge of the mangement

To carry out these principles, the management assumes the following commitments:

  1. • Reduction in the consumption of materials, products and energy, and the use, in our products, of materials with a less negative impact on the environment, ensuring the conformity of the product with the contractual requirements.

  2. • Selective collection and continuous improvement in the management of waste generated as a result of our activity.

  3. • Establish channels for the exchange of information and cooperation among staff and also with customers and suppliers to improve the quality of our products and services, safety and health at work, and protection of the environment.

  4. • Ensure, through dissemination and training actions at all levels, that both the Management and the rest of the staff are fully familiar with the Policy, the objectives and the Integrated Management System.

  5. • Faced with the existence of a risk and / or damage not covered by the legislation, own standards and practices will be established to adequately protect safety and health at work and the environment.

  6. • Analyze all incidents with potential for damage and begin their correction immediately, to prevent damage to people's health and the environment.

  7. • Establish measurable management objectives in order to ensure and demonstrate the continuous improvement of the system and regularly review the adequacy of the Policy to the objectives.

The Integrated Management System complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015, and IATF 16949: 2017 Standards

Mr. Joan Torres Gumà


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